More CARs!


Ken E

Ok, after sending out a 20 min video on Controlled Articular Joint rotations, the feedback I’ve gotten is that folks didn’t watch it.  Then, a few people watched it but haven’t figured out how to add it in to their lives.  Which I get, completely.  So I’m going to pair it down into a couple 5 minute routines and we’ll use them as warmups in class and also I’ll sneak it in as A2’s or active rest in between barbell strength work and places like that.

Again, if you’re interested in reading more about this topic here are a couple really well done blog posts on the subject:

This one has videos!

This one has bullet points!

You don’t have to read them but you do get extra credit if you do!  Just understand this will make you healthier and happier in the long term!

Today’s Workout:

5 Min CARs Routine:

Min 1: neck

Min 2: shoulder Min 3: other shoulder

Min4: Hip Min 5:Hip

A. EMOTM Upper Pulling Work

B.  For Time:


Chest to Deck Pushups

Power Cleans 155/105


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